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Fritz N Eli's is a local pet food and supply market.  The local store owner was originally working with another company but they had decided to starting charging their customers exorbitant amounts of hosting / upgrade fees.  This is when the store owner Scott had contacted me for a better online solution for his business.

Think Local Design looked at what Scott's needs were and then proceeded froward with developing a website that incorporated a live Facebook feed, google events calendar and a blog to help with online search engine optimization.  Think Local Design web delvelopment also added our search engine optimization package to help Scott get new customers.

One issue we did have when switching Fritz N Eli's over to Think Local Design's website hosting platform was the former hosting company did not want to initially release control (they were giving him the run around) of Scott's business's website domain name.  Scott finally had to issue a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and the owner of the company relinquished and handed over rights to Scott for the domain name

This can be an issue when switching over to Think Local Design's website hosting and web design services.  However the best way to proceed is to let your current company know that you are leaving and settle any outstanding bills.  In most cases if you ask nicely they will release / transfer your domain name and let you terminate service with them.

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