Social Media Marketing Part of Your Complete Digital Marketing Plan

Southwest Florida Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Integrating your website with social media marketing and creating a consistent business identity across the internet is extremely important when developing your local brand and online presence. As part of our complete digital marketing plan we implement a sound social media marketing plan. It is also necessary to pay for advertising on social media platforms.

See This Example

The Ad you see in this example was successful. in selling this product.  We spent $50 for a 7 day run.  We targeted Home Owners with an income level of  over $100k, an interest in gardening and outdoor living within a 10 mile radius around the garden center.    The Nursery sold out on this particular plant the same week.  As you can see tracking the results is very easy compared to an overpriced print ad.

Our Service Includes Social Media Marketing

  • We create social media pages for you with a consistent business identity (logos, photos, business information) on Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest.  Depending on your products, services and target audience, we will select the appropriate social media outlets for your custom digital marketing plan.
  • We publish content, articles, special deals, sales, pictures, video with all of the social media accounts that your fans follow.
  • You also have the ability to upload photos, video, special offers using simple apps on your smart phone.