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Below is a summary of our marketing services and if you like you can read through it . If you just want to see a starting point of what we offer, check out our Marketing Plans Here

Small Business Location Based Marketing

Marketing - It's all about service

The biggest issue for small businesses is the lack of customer service for digital marketing and website development.  Small businesses are forced to pay high fees and receive low quality service from large tech companies.  Just setting up a Google Ads account or boosting posts on social media platforms can lead to mismanaged and wasted marketing funds.  Well designed website landing pages to push products and services are crucial to convert sales and leads from digital ad campaigns.  It is just not enough to send traffic to your main website home page and hope for the best. We target your location to increase web traffic, supply you with data analysis & feedback so we can make adjustments to your marketing strategy on the fly.  We help you effectively market your business.

SEO & Google Search Rankings

So here is the big question " Are you going to be able to get placed at the top of Search Engine page results"? - The answer - Yes...

We start by conducting a Google Market Trend Analysis.  We look at key phrasing and other search term criteria for you locale market and study what your competition is publishing to the web. Next we come up with a custom strategy to engage and find new online customers and leads.

Depending upon the saturation of market competition in your area, the strategy we choose will vary from business to business.

Web Development

Sound digital marketing starts with a custom mobile ready website.  To engage your customers we fill the pages with custom photography of your products and services.  We are people focused so the more photos of happy smiling customers on your website the better initial connection you will have with them. 

We take care of everything for you.  All of our plans include:

  • Hosting & support
  • Monthly updates
  • Professional photography of your business
  • SSL Security Certificate
  • Professional Domain Email Accounts
  • SEO Google Audit for Key Word Phrasing & Meta Tags

We also build awesome eCommerce websites and IDX Websites for Realtors

Social Media & Google Digital Ads

We take the Analysis we discussed under SEO and Google Rankings and then run with it.  We develop local market or global ads to run on google then monitor and make adjustments. usually the first week or two are used for analyzing incoming web traffic. 

A lot of people love to market on Facebook.  One of the biggest issue we see is that a business will post and then boost a photo of a product without including a human being in the same photo.  Facebook is human centric  it is best to show your audience real life photography when crafting ads.

From that point we can target any group you would like to focus on to include location, gender, age, occupation, home ownership, etc.   I know it is pretty scary how much information individual users give freely to Facebook.

We are able to track everything related to users on the website. Time on site pages visited, Location of the user and conversions (for you this means increased phone calls, contact form submissions or purchases on your website.

Depending upon your plan we continue to watch, analyze and make adjustments to your ad campaign.

Custom Photography

This is a big selling point for your customers.  I can say with certainty that using canned commercial photography is not the way to go.  Instead using your own custom photos of your business is now best practice for digital marketing.

Small Business-Centric

We offer small businesses full-service digital marketing, web design & development plus we are Google search engine specialists.  239 Marketing works for small businesses.

At 239 Marketing

Our passion is helping your small business grow by providing you with the best professional web design & digital marketing services available. As a digital marketing company, building a mobile friendly modern website is the fist step to helping you gain market share in a very competitive online market place.

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