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I am writing this to give you tips and tricks on increasing your small businesses local search rankings on Google’s search results. The more information, photos, reviews, posts, services and products you provide the better. Please take a look at the graphs to see just how important a properly managed and maintained Google business page can be to your small business marketing plan.

Your Google business page will usually be your first point of contact when a potential customer searches for a local business on Google. Next they will look at your 5 star reviews and online reputation. Photos are a key element and you should always add new photos on a weekly basis to help improve your search rankings. Most people at this point will make the decision to visit your website.

More Search Ranking Tips

Your website is important because it serves as a foundation and supports your Google business page. Make sure to completely fill out all business information on your Google business page. This includes service areas, product and service offerings and any specials or promotions.

If you are a home based service business, make sure to target specific zip codes, cities, communities within your service area.

5 Star Reviews

Once you start getting 5 star reviews make sure that you respond to each review both positive and negative. If and when you do get a negative review be sure to respond to it in a professional manner. It is best to contact the customer directly to remedy the issue. After the issue is resolved ask the customer to remove the review or update the review stating how you were able to professionally resolve the problem.

Adding posts about new offerings or sales will create a more interactive Google Business Page. This also helps with higher rankings.

Posting Prices

Concerning placing pricing on products and services it is up to you. It is not necessary. I feel if you are offering a more expensive service based offerings it is better to drive visitors to your website so they can learn more about your business.
If you have an A/C company, offering a free inspection diagnostic on your Google business page may just convert leads from this point of contact. Especially if somebody is sweating it out in their home due to a broken A/C. At this point they are highly motivated to call without further research. If they are just looking to upgrade their A/C they may click to your website to find out more about your company before they call.


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