Search Engine Optimization 201

Going Bananas Over Google Search Engine Results

So now we are getting into the details that will help your website advance and obtain front page search results.  If you have not already done so please read Search Engine Optimization 101 before you move onto this article.

So Let's Go Bananas!

One of the primary things that Google likes to see is a google analytics tracking code placed in the header of your website. Go here to set up your tracking code:

The Next Step will be to set up your Google and Bing Webmaster Accounts.  Be sure to upload your site map to each account.

Site Maps are Important and you need your site map to look like Think Local's Site Map Here

So what does a site map do and why is it important?

A site map is basically a road map for search engines crawling your website.  If you do not see one at the bottom of your website, you should think about correcting this issue.  It helps to submit this road map to the search engine services like Google, Microsoft's Bing & Yahoo.