Removing Negative Online Yelp Review Strategies

Negative Yelp Reviews Help

Yelp is Just Crushing it with Search Engine Optimization

When customers google your business name,  Google Search Engine Front Page Results give preference to Yelp and list Yelp's online review website near the top of search results.  Most of us are honest hard working  people. We have been in business for decades providing valuable products and services to our local communities.  One or two negative online reviews can be disastrous for your business and you will lose major revenue because of Yelp. So lets learn more about how removing negative yelp reviews will save your small business.

Removing negative Yelp reviews

  1. If at all possible never create a business yelp account. But if the genie has been let out of the bottle follow the next steps.
  2. Never Contact Yelp and request that they take a review off of your website. You are just wasting your time and they may flag your account if you argue with them or threaten them with a lawsuit.
  3. If there are legitimate negative yelp reviews you will need to address the issue with the customers and your employees.  You can send a message to the customer directly to resolve the issue and see if they are willing to update the yelp review after you come to an agreement.
  4. If the review is illegitimate take a closer look at it.  Is the review violating any of Yelp's Terms and Conditions of Service i.e. bad / obscene language, privacy policy, third party involvement? If so flag the review and clearly state "Violation of Yelp's Terms and Conditions of Service" in the title.
  5. Using your Yelp business account, you can create a 5% off discount that automatically loads when a customer "checks in" at your business.  Advertise the discount next to your register, on a restaurant bill or even just verbally tell your customer about the discount.  This will increase the likelihood that the customer will leave you a positive review. Build up those 5 Star ratings and create a 5-Star Buffer
  6. IF your Yelp review page is really bad and removing negative yelp reviews is impossible. You may need to create a second business name and online identity.  When potential customers google your new business name online, Yelp reviews from your previous business name will no longer display in the search results.