Real Estate IDX Integration For Your Real Estate Website

IDX Mapping

Full IDX integration into your real estate website.

IDX Mapping

Interactive Map Search Tools

Our Platinum solution lets your visitors search for properties using a dynamic map tool instead of traditional search forms.  Visitors can even use the drag and select tool within the IDX map to go directly to a specific area of interest.  All search options are dynamic on this feature so if users select a different price range or number of bedrooms, the map will automatically show active listings in that area that meet the specific criteria.


Providing mobile users with an enjoyable experience, with quick load times (originating on Amazon's Cloud), is a game changer in the online market.  Designed and customized your IDX Mobile Responsive Ready Site  is going to rock your client's world!
IDX Mobile Solutions
Lead Generation for Realtors

A Realtor's Secret Weapon!

Give visitors a place to call home on your website. Clients are able to Save/Review Listings and Searches with IDX Broker Platinum’s built-in My Listing Manager. It's also the easiest way to gain insight on what their needs might be. Every registered user (password not required) on your site will leave a history of properties viewed, saved, and searches performed. You can log into their listing manager and explore what search terms they use, all from your IDX dashboard. Then, use this information to Understand Your Registered Visitors, and to suggest specific properties that they might have overlooked.

Optimized for Search Engines

SEO is short for “Search Engine Optimization” and refers to the process of influencing a website's presence on search engines results pages, like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This provides searchers with the best sites for what information they demand. Your appearance in these outlets relies on having the most descriptive, dynamic content that they can find quickly and easily to provide for searchers.
IDX Web Sites for Realtors