Online Review Management

Online 5 star Reviewers

Online Review Management

It is not a matter of if but only when you will get a negative online review.  Is your business prepared to lose $10,000 + in sales due to one ugly negative review?   I have a client that is suffering because of one bad review.  The average job that they normally contract is between 20-30k.  They have already felt the harsh impact of an unjust but constitutionally protected online reviewer.

So how do we defend you you against Online bullying and slander?

The best defense is actually to go on offense  and actively solicit positive online reviews from your happy customers well before you get that first negative review.  You need to create a "5-Star Buffer". There are many strategies and techniques to solicit positive reviews. Think Local Design can help you manage reviews and build up your positive reviews across all social media and web review platforms.

Negative Review Recovery

We do offer services to help mitigate negative reviews.  One strategy is to add positive reviews above the one bad review and push it down to the bottom of the page or even get moved to the second page.

There is no such thing as making a few clicks and removing a bad review from a company like Yelp.  The above strategy is the only way to mitigate the issue and it does take some time to recover from the negative online review.  This why we stress the importance of preemptively creating a "5-Star Buffer".

SEO & Online Reviews

Another important consideration is the impact of 5 star ratings.  Google and other search engines are now starting to give preference to local businesses that have a high 5 star rating.  This makes it difficult if you do not have any 5 star reviews for your business listing on Google Business, Yelp, TripAdvisor and Facebook.  You will notice a decline in online traffic and less potential customers will see your business on the front page of search results.