The Benefits of Facebook Ads

Advertising on Facebook Ads is just one part of an overall online digital marketing strategy.  Out of the 2 billion+ Facebook users, most check their page feeds daily.  Compared to paper advertising you just get more exposure.

Key features that give Facebook an advantage over Google.

  • Your ad is displayed to your potential customers using target demographics.
  • You can select your local area town, region or the entire country.
  • You can target users by age, income, home owners or apartment renters.
  • Other useful demographics include work, marital status, pet owner, sports etc.

Facebook uses all the data that users willingly supply to Facebook.  The demographics can then be used to target your ads and custom-tailor each Facebook ad.

Pro Tip

Facebook user interest can also be used.  Targeting users that are interested in specific topics like gardening. You can target users that are part of a local foodies group to advertise your new restaurant opening.  This would bring in people that are more likely to review your restaurant online. The options are infinite.

Facebook can even track how long a user watched a video add.  Users interactions with paid ads are also tracked.  You see how many people like your ad, share it with family and friends.  Most importantly you view which links Facebook users click on.  From there you can track users on your website using Google Analytics.

Cost of Ads

The cost to advertise on Facebook can be expensive or cheap.  It really depends on your budget and how many people you would like to reach. If you are unsure try $5 per day for a week. If your product is time sensitive try $25 for a 24-48 hour period. This lower budget is a good starting point to determine what will work.

Below is a sample of Ads for a local nursery/garden center.  The following list was the targeting criteria:

  • Home owners.
  • Living in a 10 mile radius around the nursery.
  • Interest in  gardening.
  • Interest in  landscaping.
  • Interest in  outdoor living.
  • Age range 35-65+ years of age.
  • Both male and female Facebook users.

This is pretty specific. It did generate higher sales for the season. The products advertised sold out at the nursery. See the Facebook ads and their performance published below. If you would like a consultation and develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy please contact us.


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